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Tasty Tour - Friday 25th October

Tasty Tour - Friday 25th October

25-10-2019 - 25-10-2019

Lough Neagh Fishermen's Co-operative Society, Toomebridge

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This guided tour around Lough Neagh Fisheries Visitor Centre includes a bespoke opportunity to have a short tour of the factory.  You can experience the intake and grading of live eel and have an opportunity to hold an eel. You will see a range of the other Lough Neagh fish such as Pollan and Dollaghan, when in season.


On the tour you will hear a range of mythical tales including the formation of the lough by Fionn Mac Cumhail and how St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, turning them into eels. You will become familiar with the history of fishing on Lough Neagh, from Mesolithic Man to the formation of LNFCS and get an overview of the sustainable management and the different types of fishing on Lough Neagh. 


Be prepared to be amazed at the epic migration of Lough Neagh Eel (European eel), its fascinating lifecycle and the engaging specimens and information on the full range of wild fish living in the lough.


Saving the best to last, you will get to enjoy smoked eel tasters and discover why Lough Neagh Eel and Lough Neagh Pollan have been awarded Geographical Status by the EU Commission.

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