Ram’s Island Tour


Take a short boat journey to Ram’s Island where you will explore a round tower from the remains of a 1000 year old Celtic monastic settlement, and the ruins of the O’Neill family’s nineteenth century summer house.

Your guide will explain the history of the island, how it was last permanently inhabited in the 1920s by the Cardwell family who were caretakers for the O’Neill’s. The remains of Cardwell’s harbour, left dry by the lowering of Lough Neagh, can be seen near the ruins of the Cardwell’s house. There are also overgrown remains of a carriageway along the elevated central spine of the island.  The tour includes lunch & return transfer from Belfast.


  • Pickup Time: 10:00am
  • Depart from Ram’s Island: 4:00pm
  • Price: £35PP
  • Dates: This tour is available for group bookings, we can accommodate groups of 12-33 people. For more information call: 028 7941 7941 during office hours.
  • Whats Included: Return transport, boat trip, tour of Ram’s Island & lunch.
Rams Island Opt